F95 X5M KW V4 Coilover Install

F95 X5M KW V4 Coilover Install

Posted by Elyse Cruz on Jul 17th 2022

The F95 X5M is one of the boldest BMW SUV's to come out of Germany. A culmination of X5 evolution concluding with loud yet beautiful body lines - with the all too well known S63 under the hood. The front and rear fenders have the perfect drape over the wheels. The roof line flows into the chassis with an ideal bull dog stance. The only issue - the ride height! BMW tried (and succeeded) at creating a harmony of performance and comfort. The secondary issue that arises from this harmony - it doesn't suit our needs of an all out race-car-SUV that needs to be driven like an absolute animal around the clock! Our solution? Lower it on KW Variant 4’s!

(Paint protection film applied before work commences to protect the paint on this 2,000 mile X5M)

(Stock strut still installed)

(Spindle released from upper control arm, allowing access to front strut)

(Front strut removed from the chassis)

(Front strut in the strut-spring compressor - swapping the strut mounts as these are brand new)

(Side by side - KW V4 front strut on the left and original BMW front strut on the right)

(KW V4 front strut installed, ready to have spindle fastened back on)

(KW V4 front strut fully installed. Spindle back on along with end links - yes KW supplies zip ties to fasten the EDC delete to the strut tower)

(EDC delete kit supplied by KW - these are essentially resistors that allow the DME to see a proper signal from the harness to prevent an EDC error)

(Zip ties supplied by KW to fasten the EDC delete kit to the strut/shock body)

(On to the back. Rear shocks removed)

(Rear shock mounts swapped onto the KW unit)

(Rear shocks installed)

(F95 X5M with a proper drop!)

(F95 X5M with a proper drop!)