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BMW M3 CS + M4 CSL Nurburgring Lap Records

BMW M3 CS + M4 CSL Nurburgring Lap Records

Posted by Elyse Cruz on Sep 9th 2023

At nearly $119,000, you might raise an eyebrow at the BMW M3 CS's price tag. But here's the thing: it's not just any sedan. This beauty is among the world's speediest and has an air of exclusivity, with only just shy of 2,000 being made. BMW's so chuffed with their high-flying sedan that they gave it a spin around the famed Nurburgring track, even sharing a video from the driver's perspective of its swiftest lap.

The latest buzz? The M3 CS breezed through the 14.2-mile stretch of Nordschleife in a swift 7 minutes and 28.76 seconds. That's no small feat, especially considering she's a pretty hefty car at around 3,891 pounds. What's even cooler? It zipped past rivals like the Alfa Romeo Giulia QV and notably, the M5 Competition. Just for kicks, the last time the M5 CS was on that track, it clocked in at 7:29.57 minutes.

The BMW M4 CSL just outshone itself at the Nürburgring! For over a year, it's been sitting pretty as the speediest production BMW and a top dog among mid-range cars. But folks at Garching weren't satisfied; they aimed higher. With Jörg Weidinger at the wheel, they smashed their old record on the infamous Nordschleife track, clocking an incredible 7:18.137 minutes.

By the way, have you heard the 2022 M Performance Exhaust sounds for the BMW M3 and M4? It's music to the ears!

This new feat puts the M4 CSL a whole five seconds ahead of its main competition, the Jaguar XE SV Project 8. And just to put things in perspective, the BMW M3 CS (G80) is trailing by a good 10 seconds with a time of 7:28.760 minutes. Even the M3 Touring (G81) station wagon, as cool as it is, falls behind the coupe by almost 17 seconds. There's a video out there capturing this amazing lap, and Jörg Weidinger chimes in with his insights – it's a must-watch for track lovers!

The real feat here is what BMW did with the M4 CSL. It's over 10 seconds quicker compared to the M3 CS. It's rear wheel drive. The M3 CS is AWD. This is proof that when building a track weapon, weight reduction and placement is key. Torque at the front axle may help your zero to sixty time and when stuck in snow, but as evident in the CSL vs CS, not needed for the track.