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Hotchkis Suspension Parts for your BMW!

Hotchkis Suspension Parts for your BMW!

Posted by Elyse Cruz on Oct 1st 2023

When it comes to upgrading your car's suspension, Hotchkis is like that trusted friend who knows their stuff. They've been around the block, fine-tuned their craft, and offer parts that don't just look good but genuinely make a difference in how your ride feels on the road. Whether you're looking to tackle those curves better or just want a smoother drive, Hotchkis has got your back.

While known primarily for their offerings to the muscle car scene, Hotchkis does offer suspension upgrades for Audi, BMW, MINI and Volkswagen. From sway bar kits, to end link kits and lowering springs - Hotchkis has an upgraded option to lower your center of gravity and decrease body roll. 

Hotchkis Sway Bars

What's the deal with sway bars? Basically, when you take a corner, you don't want your car leaning too much like it's about to take a nap. That's where sway bars come in. They help your car stay level when turning, giving you better control.

Build and quality? Hotchkis isn't playing around. They use top-notch steel for their bars, making them sturdier and often thicker than what you'd get stock on a car. So, you're basically getting a gym-fit version of a sway bar.

Tweak it your way: One super cool thing? You can adjust some of their sway bars to your liking. So whether you're just cruising around town or feeling a bit more adventurous on winding roads, you can set the bar to match your vibe.

Everything you need: Hotchkis has got you covered. When you grab one of their sway bars, they usually throw in all the stuff you need—like bushings that respond better than the usual ones, brackets, and sometimes end links.

Who's it for? While Hotchkis made a name with classic American muscle, they've got a range that caters to other cars too. Worth checking their site or catalog to see if they've got something for your ride.

Why bother? In simple terms: better handling and a more fun drive. Your car feels more connected to the road, especially when taking corners.

BMW E9X M3 Upgraded Hotchkis Sway Bar Set

BMW E46 M3 Upgraded Hotchkis Sway Bar Kit

Hotchkis Sway Bar End Link Kits

Purpose & Importance: While the sway bar's job is to minimize body roll, the end links ensure the sway bar is effectively connected to the suspension. Think of them as the essential connectors that make sure the sway bar can do its job right. If they're weak or worn out, even a high-performance sway bar won't be as effective.

Built to Last: Hotchkis designs their end links to be stronger and more durable than many stock end links. They're often crafted with materials meant to withstand the added stresses of performance driving.

Adjustability: Some of Hotchkis's end links offer adjustability. This is a sweet feature because it allows for precise tuning of the sway bar's position, ensuring optimal performance based on the vehicle's ride height or specific driving needs.

Complete with Bushings: Hotchkis end links typically come with high-quality bushings, which reduce any unwanted play or flex. This means more direct energy transfer and better responsiveness when you're cornering.

Fitment: It's always good to double-check, but Hotchkis does a great job of making sure their end links fit a variety of vehicles, especially when paired with their sway bars.

BMW F22/F30/F32 Upgraded Hotchkis Sway Bar Kit

BMW E36 Upgraded Hotchkis Rear Sway Bar End Link Kit

In addition to BMW product fitment, Hotchkis also offers fitment for Audi, MINI and Volkswagen. Rebuild kit's are available for most of their sway bar end link kits. Please feel free to reach out to us and speak with one of our specialists with any questions you may have regarding upgrading the suspension parts on your Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Porsche or Volkswagen. (888) 966-7373.