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Kindly note all local pickup's require an appointment prior to picking up your order. Showing up without an appointment does not guarantee that your order will be available for pickup. Once an order is placed online or via phone, we will work with you to create a pickup time convenient for you. 


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1) When will my order ship? 

  • On each items product page, there is an availability listed. If you purchase an item on a Monday by 2PM with availability that states "ships in 1 business day", the item will ship the following day on Tuesday. All in stock items ordered before 1PM will ship the same day. For direct ship items, please contact us for an accurate timeline regarding shipping and delivery. 

2) If the lifetime warranty real? 

3) I realized I ordered the wrong part, can I change or modify the order? 

  • You can. While we can't make any promises regarding correcting errors before an items ships, we'll do our best. Email with your order number along with your concern. 

4) Why do you not honor fluids under your Lifetime Warranty 

  • This is a large grey area with carriers, especially the United States Postal Service. Unfortunately, numerous returns of oil bottles were sent back to us and leaked during shipping. When this happens a few hundred times, carriers take up the issue with the sender of which the items are going to. It puts our accounts with the shipping carriers in jeopardy. 

5) I do not see my question answered above

  • Kindly fill out the form below and one of our specialists will get in touch with you as soon as possible! 

We're happy to answer questions or help you with returns.
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