VTT-FAB is proud to offer the premiere top-mount single turbo kit for the F8X S55 platform. This kit is 100% made in the USA at our Hayward, CA facility, and only uses top-of-the-line components. We start with 321 Stainless materials as well as Billet flanges to create a high flowing, and long-lasting manifold. We couple this with our revolutionary factory-controlled external gate system using a Turbosmart 60mm Straight gate. This gives you COMPLETE control of an external wastegate with your factory ECU tune. This means no external boxes to control boost, no mac solenoids, and no vacuum/boost lines. Simply reuse your factory actuator on our adapter, and you have the best flowing, and easiest-to-control system on the market with a true boost range of 0 psi, to whatever your turbo of choice can make.

We are currently taking orders for kits with a 2-4 week build time, NOT including coating time if chosen


  • Fully Fabbed in-house in Hayward Ca using US-sourced parts
  • The ONLY top mount kit on the market that clears the factory strut bar
  • All Tig Welded
  • VTT-FAB 6 into Cast Collector
  • Fully set up for our VTT-FAB factory-controlled turbo smart straight gate. Making this plug-and-play with your existing tuner
  • 321 Stainless Weld Els for the ultimate in heat resistance and durability
  • 1.25″ Primary for lightening spool, and high exhaust gas velocity
  • NO external boost control needed
  • That AMAZING 6 into 1 turbo sound that divided housings just dont give you
  • The charge pipe is flanged for a Turbosmart or Tial BOV

Each kit includes:

  • Manifold X 1
  • Downpipe With clamps X 1
  • Charge pipe X 1
  • Charge pipe hoses X 2
  • Charge pipe clamps – V-Band and Worm
  • Oil feed line X 1
  • Oil drain line X 1
  • Wastegate set up with 2 V-band clamps
  • Wastegate heat sleeve
  • Wastegate Wiring harness extension
  • Wastegate arms, clips
  • Turbosmart 60mm Straight Gate X 1
  • TurboSmart Gen V Raceport BOV (OPTIONAL)
  • Factory Actuator Heat Sleeve
  • -4 AN 90- Degree Steel feed fitting X 1
  • VTT-FAB-042 Front and Rear Oil Feed Adapter and Block off. Block X 1, An X 1
  • VTT-FAB-046 Coolant Pump Block off X 1
  • VTT-FAB-047 Upper Coolant Line Block X 1
  • VTT-FAB-044 Front Drain Adapter -10AN or Block Off AN X 1
  • VTT-FAB-045 Rear Drain adapter -10AN or Block Off Block X 1
  • VTT-FAB-062 Drain Adapter X 1
  • M8 Drain Bolts X 2
  • Head studs X 15
  • Exhaust nuts X 15
  • Head to manifold gaskets X 2
  • Downpipe donut gaskets X 2
  • Air Filter or Velocity Stack X 1
  • VTT-FAB Titanium Turbo Blanket (optional)


  • 2016+ BMW M2 Competition
  • 2015 - 2019 BMW M3 Sedan
  • 2015 - 2020 BMW M4 Coupe 
  • 2015 - 2020 BMW M4 Convertible 




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